About Hotels Asian

The Hotels Asian website is designed to give users a quick and simple way to book hotels throughout Asia using the brilliant database compiled by Agoda.com which cross references every major hotel booking website on the Internet today in real time. This gives you, the end user, immediate price comparisons of every major hotel in Asia in a matter of seconds potentially saving you a considerable amount of money. Depending on your traveling situation, we highly recommend you only book a few nights using our website. This way you can either change your hotel room if you find a better deal or possibly get a better rate directly from the establishment in question or change hotels entirely.

Bangkok Thailand Famous Chinatown at Night

Bangkok’s famous Chinatown at Night

This method gives you the best of both Worlds in book hotels in Asia with the possibility of saving even more money and 100% satisfaction guaranteed without any long term commitments tying you down to an Asian hotel which you do not like.

Why should I use Hotels Asian?

Utilizing Hotels Asian gives you a huge advantage over other hotel booking sites because this site is dedicated strictly to Asia. The accommodations and establishments listed here are Asian hotel recommendations from experienced travelers, not first time travelers.  Our database of Asian hotels is hand picked by several individuals who specialize in each particular Asian country giving you added credibility and knowledge.

Hotels Asian uses the brilliant hotel booking technologies of Hotels Combined which cross references all major hotel booking websites throughout the World insuring you get the best possible hotel rate in Asia. The hotels listed on Hotels Asian are hand picked manually by real people taking only the best rated hotels by millions of travelers from around the World. These real human ratings based on real time experiences are taken from a variety of reputable hotel booking resources on the Internet today. This saves you a substantial amount of time by NOT having to research each hotel through every booking website separately.

To insure you even more Asian hotel booking options, Hotels Asian also supplies (if available) a link to the actual hotel website itself, which in more cases than not is more expensive than booking sites.  This format give you a very transparent interface and in some cases can save you even more money by booking direct from an establishment’s website. The main goal with Hotels Asian is giving our website visitors the most available booking choices possible resulting in the best overall online hotel booking rate


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